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衣 ClothingEdit

在市中心(Marienplatz附近)有各大名店及國際服飾連鎖店(如H&M、Zara、Mango、United Colours of Benetton),亦有不少鞋店可到C&A(市中心及火車總站附近均有分店)和kik(Rosenheimerplatz站的商場)購買更便宜的服飾

Brand name boutiques and international fashion chain stores, e.g. H&M, Zara, Mango, United Colours of Benetton, can be found in the city centre, which is near Marienplatz, as well as some shoe shops Cheaper clothes can be found in C&A, with branches near Marienplatz and Hauptbahnhof (Central Train Station), and Kik in the shopping mall of Station Rosenheimerplatz

食 FoodEdit

除西餐廳外,中式及日式餐廳也常見Chinese and Japanese restaurants are everywhere, besides Western ones

超級市場(按普遍訂價排序)Supermarkets (according to general prices) (all websites are in German)﹕Edit

亞洲超市Asian store﹕Edit

百貨公司Department stores:Edit

住 AccommodationEdit

  • 單人房間(15-20平方米)(共用廚房、廁所)﹕每月約EUR 300-500
    Room in a share flat (Wohngemeinschaft, WG) (15-20 m2) (kitchen & toilet shared): EUR 300-500 / month
  • 一房單位(即開放式設計)(約30平方米)(無須共用廚廁)﹕每月約EUR 500-800
    Studio flat (1-Zimmer Wohnung = 1-room flat) (~30 m2) (own kitchen & toilet): EUR 500-700 / month
  • (租金比其他德國城市普遍地高Generally higher rents required than other German cities)

行 Getting aroundEdit

  • S-Bahn(近郊鐵路)、U-Bahn(地下鐵路)、電車及巴士都是由一間公司經營的
    S-Bahn (Suburb train), U-Bahn (Metro), trams and buses are operated by one company
    • 網址﹕ (German & English)
    • 由於單程票太貴,建議購買周票或月票As single-ride ticket is expensive, weekly or monthly ticket is recommended

工 JobEdit

  • 在華人餐館工作﹕工作時間大約是10:00-22:00(多包括下午休息數小時),一星期工作五至六天,月薪可多於EUR 1000(部分餐館提供兼職,只做午市或晚市)
    Working in restaurants run by Chinese: working from 10:00 to 22:00 (with a 2-hour break in the afternoon), 5 or 6 days a week, earning more than EUR 1000 (part-time is also available, by working for lunch or dinner)
  • 酒店清潔Room cleaners in hotels/hostels
  • 照顧小孩Babysitters

(薪酬比其他德國城市普遍地高Generally higher wages offered than other German cities)

娛 EntertainmentEdit


  • 播放英語電影的戲院不多,我知道有一間在火車總站附近,還有一間在德意志博物館(Deutsches Museum)附近
    There’re not too many cinemas showing movies in English: one is near Hauptbahnhof (Central Station), another is near Deutsches Museum
  • (German)

啤酒節Oktoberfest / Bierfest (Beer Festival)Edit


其他 OthersEdit

居民登記Citizen RegistrationEdit

如要在慕尼黑居住一段長時間,要到居民登記處辦理手續 One needs to do citizen registration (Anmeldung) if staying in Munich for a certain period of time

Landeshauptstadt Muenchen
Hauptabteilung II - Einwohnerwesen
Ruppertstrasse 19, Erdgeschoss
80337 Muenchen(U3 / U6 Poccistrasse)
辦公時間Office hours﹕ (German)

須帶備Please bring along﹕

  1. 護照passport
  2. 住址證明proof of address

When moving within or out from Munich, one needs to go to the office to change the address or do the de-registration (Abmeldung)